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Selva Gıda

Selva Gıda is founded as the first firm of İttifak Holding in 1988 to produce flour and semolina. In 1998 Selva passed its experience which does not compromise the quality and taste to pasta. Over the years, it commemorated with its innovations and firsts in the sectors that it was in. Selva was recognized always with the same taste, always with the same quality. It took a transformative role in its sector by producing value to its stakeholders with the flavors it offers, pursuing its mission to become an innovative firm and its vision of becoming a permanent taste in wherever people live, in palates and in minds from the first day of entry into the sector. The firm made activities in the perception of pasta as the main meal in Turkey and in the discovery of pasta dishes which are appropriate for Turkish cuisine and it tried to reach its aim with the innovative products and ideas it developed.

Call Service: 0800 363 35 10
Phone: +90 332 239 01 24
Fax: +90 332 239 09 81-239 01 28
E-Mail: info@selva.com.tr
Web: www.selva.com.tr